DeFi KYT - know your transaction secure data provider to meet AML & CFT guidelines
The code is  9ax 

KYT - Know your transaction compliance

Up to know financial regulatory compliance concerned KYC - know your customer, anti-money laundering (AML) and countering-the-financing-of-terrorism (CFT) lays and guidelines. In Decentralized Finance, the transaction may be more traceable and verifiable than traditional KYC systems.

Keyword domains - Instant recognition

Can be used as an alternate site to main brand to attract customers who are unaware of your brand. will sell .. to you or your competitor.

Transaction addresses and study of transactions at specific addresses using Ethereum’s decentralized infrastructure may be the way forward for AML & CTF compliance.

Crypto Compliance

Compliance with Regulatory laws and guidelines is now more complex than previously as Crypto Compliance is international and instant - compliance must be real time.